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KidCo WhispEars Hearing Protection

KidCo WhispEars Hearing Protection



  Designed for babies but coveted by parents everywhere.  Protect baby’s hearing with WhispEars™ from KidCo®. According to the Children’s Hearing I...

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Safety 1st 1st Grooming Kit

Safety 1st 1st Grooming Kit

Safety 1st


All babies grooming needs in one convenient place. Keep baby well-groomed while on the go with baby's 1st grooming kit by Safety 1st. The kit has 1...

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Safety 1st Easy Clean Nasal Aspirator

Safety 1st Easy Clean Nasal Aspirator

Safety 1st


The Easy Clean Nasal Aspirator helps you keep your baby comfortable when they’re sick. Soft and flexible, the aspirator features a clear tip that l...

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Safety 1st Newborn Nasal Aspirator
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Safety 1st Newborn Nasal Aspirator

Safety 1st


Specially designed for smaller babies, this nasal aspirator features a soft, flexible tip that is comfortable for your baby. You can gently remove ...

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Safety 1st No-Scratch Mittens - 2 Pair

Safety 1st No-Scratch Mittens - 2 Pair

Safety 1st


Help protect your baby's delicate skin with Safety 1st No-Scratch Mittens. Babies' fingers are tiny and cute, but their nails can often be sharp. T...

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The Importance of Keeping Your Baby Healthy

As a parent, keeping your baby healthy is one of your top priorities. There are many risks that could impact your child’s health, especially in the early years of their life, which is why it’s important you take necessary steps to be proactive in this area.

Watching out for their health is more than ensuring you have proper medications in the house or have a qualified pediatrician. It also includes childproofing your home, and having child and baby safety products on hand to reduce the risk of anything impacting your child’s overall well-being.

Such products include newborn baby care products like using no-scratch mittens in the early months of their life to prevent their sharp little nails from scratching their faces. Another great product to invest in is hearing protection products like KidCo WhispEars Hearing Protection which function to protect your child’s ears from loud noises everywhere from restaurants to airplanes.

Promoting Baby Health Tips

Having a sick baby at home is never a pleasant experience for anyone. As a parent, you want to make your child as comfortable as possible while they are sick and get them back to their normal self as quickly as possible. One great baby health care products all parents should have on hand to deal with colds and stuffy noses are nasal aspirators. We offer customers two versions of the baby care product: 1) the Safety 1st Easy Clean Nasal Aspirator which is ideal for toddlers, and 2) the Safety 1st Newborn Nasal Aspirator perfect for smaller babies.

The common benefits of using a nasal aspirator is that it gives instant relief to your child from breathlessness associated with dealing with a stuffy nose. The nasal aspirator will help them sleep peacefully and breathe easier. Additionally, when mucus is in the nostrils, babies may experience difficulty breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

Other Essential Baby Health Tips

There’s a lot of advice and tips out there on how to keep your baby healthy, and many of us have newborns. Here are some practical tips to follow in your own home:

Tips for Newborn Health

If you haven't spent a lot of time around newborns, here are a few basics to remember:

  • Wash your hands (or use a hand sanitizer) before you or anyone else handles your baby. When washing your hands, wash for thirty seconds and make sure you get between your fingers and under nails etc. Thoroughness is essential. Newborns don't have a strong immune system yet, so they're at risk for infection.
  • Support your baby's head and neck. Cradle their head when carrying them and support the head when carrying the baby upright or lie the baby down.
  • Make sure your baby is securely fastened into the carrier, stroller or car seat. There is a ton of documentation on how to do this properly from each Manufacture and even local organizations/places where you can have your car seat installation checked.
  • Limit any activity that could be too rough or bouncy.
  • You should give your baby a sponge bath until the umbilical cord falls off and their navel heals completely (1–4 weeks).
  • A bath two or three times a week in the first year is fine. More frequent bathing may dry their skin.
  • Only use mild, unscented baby soap and shampoo.
  • Be gentle at all times and stay 100% focused on what you are doing.
  • Use the utmost precaution when going up and down on stairs.
  • A newborn baby needs to be fed every 2 to 3 hours.
  • A fever can be a sign of a dangerous infection in a newborn. If your child has a fever of 100.4 F or higher, they should be taken to an emergency room.
  • Never leave a newborn baby unattended.
  • Use newborn baby products to making managing baby easier and safer every day.

Tips for Burping Your Child

When burping your child, hold your baby upright with his or her head on your shoulder. Support your baby's head and back while gently patting the back with your other hand. Or, you can also try sitting your baby on your lap. Support your baby's chest and head with one hand by cradling your baby's chin in the palm of your hand and resting the heel of your hand on your baby's chest (grip your baby's chin). Use the other hand to gently pat your baby's back. A gentle rubbing up and down motion on their upper back may also be soothing to your child.

A third option is to lay your baby’s face-down on your lap ensuring open air flow at all times. Support your baby's head, making sure it's higher than his or her chest, and gently pat or rub his or her back.

Contact Child Safety Store for Newborn & Baby Health Products

Order baby health products today by visiting us online or contacting us directly. Or, if you want to take additional preventative measures to ensure your home is safe and want to babyproof your home, contact Child Safety Store today at (561) 272-8242 or contact us online today.


How does the Safety 1st Newborn Nasal Aspirator work?

The newborn baby nasal aspirator gentle suction clears your baby's breathing passages.

Is the Newborn Nasal Aspirator comfortable for the baby?

Yes! Our line of nasal aspirators uses a soft, flexible tip that is gentle on a baby's nose.

How can I remove excess mucus and improve my newborn’s breathing?

Try our Newborn Nasal Aspirator! The suction removes excess mucus and clears breathing passages.

What ages is the Safety 1st Nasal Aspirator for?

The Safety 1st Newborn Nasal Aspirator is designed for newborns and smaller babies.

I’m worried that my newborn is being exposed to loud noises like TV and family coming in and out of the house.  Do you have anything to help with this?

Yes we do!  Our KidCo WhispEars Hearing Protection protects infant and children’s hearing from loud noises.

Do headphones help keep my baby from exposure to loud noises?

Our KidCo WhispEars Hearing Protection will protect your baby from hearing loud noises and from being exposed to long periods of louder noise levels.  They are comfortable to wear and will keep your child’s hearing safe.

How do I know if my child is being affected by loud noises?

The Children's Hearing Institute advises anything over 80 decibels is actually too loud for a child.  So try to keep them away from loud traffic, people yelling, and events where the noise level is higher than average.

Why should I purchase Safety Mittens for my newborn baby?

The Safety 1st No-Scratch Mittens prevents babies from accidentally scratching themselves.

Can I wash the Safety Mittens in the washer and dryer?

Yes!  The Safety 1st No-Scratch Mittens are machine washable.

How can I improve the safety of my newborn baby’s health?

Our collection of baby safety and health care products including nasal aspirators, whispers hearing protection headphones, no-scratch mittens, and more, will protect your baby from potential accidents and health issues.  Check out a product and learn the variety of ways Child Safety Store is #1 for online safety and health baby products!