National Children’s Day: Safe Outdoor Adventures

National Children’s Day: Safe Outdoor Adventures

National Children’s Day happens every year on the second Sunday in June. For 2024, that is this Sunday, June 9th.  This attempts to rewind time for the whole family in small, yet meaningful ways.

National Children's Day honors the little ones in our lives by encouraging us grown-ups to take a break. Ultimately, it’s a day for slowing down our fast-paced lives, tuning out the screen-time, and taking a moment to refocus. One day may not be enough, but it offers parents, grandparents and caregivers a much needed window to redirect the family’s energy.

What is National Children’s Day?

As our readers can attest, kids are often curious and need proper guidance. That’s where the adults come in! While every child is unique, they develop their personality over time through their interactions with others. Keeping this in mind, early interaction is good for development and essential for their growth. This annual event is the perfect time to give the kiddos in your life a bit extra time today. 

In a nutshell, it began as a religious holiday, thanks to Reverend Dr. Charles Leonard of the Universalist Church of the Redeemer in Massachusetts. He started Children's Day in 1856 as a special day to baptize children. Originally, it was called Rose Day, then later, the name went through several other iterations. In 1995, President Clinton proclaimed National Children's Day. He was later followed by President Bush in 2001.

Like sponges, children absorb knowledge, values, and behaviors from the world around them. It is adults’ job to provide them with guidance. National Children's Day serves as a reminder to invest in our children's well-being, both physically and emotionally. This is especially important when it comes to general wellness and personal safety.

How to Observe National Children’s Day

Seize the opportunity to cherish your little ones and spend the whole day listening and communicating with them. It’s a day for fun and new adventures. This year, National Children’s Day marks a perfect opportunity to begin new traditions or even explore the great outdoors on a hike! It’s a time to share family stories, be creative through art or music. It's also fun time to enjoy some group games and sports together. Above all, it’s a terrific time to simply try something new and break away from old routines.

Embracing Outdoor Adventures Safely

As we celebrate National Children's Day, it's essential to incorporate safety into our outdoor activities. Here are some vital tips to help build a safer experience: 

Never Forget the Importance of Water Safety When Outdoors

Always supervise children when in the wild. This goes double when near the water. As we often cover on this safety blog, drowning can occur silently and quickly.  So keep a careful eye on them at all times. Educate children about the importance of water safety. Enroll them in swimming lessons from an early age to instill confidence and skills.

Set Clear Boundaries 

Establish clear rules and boundaries when exploring, hiking or simply playing in the backyard.

Beyond that, be sure to avoid common distractions, such as cell phones or conversations. For one, this is a day for paying close, special attention to our little ones. Besides that aspect, remember that it only takes a moment for an accident to occur. As always, it pays to stay attentive.

Celebrating Safely

This National Children's Day, let's make safety a priority as we embark on outdoor adventures with our little ones. By incorporating these basic safety tips into our family outings, we can create lasting memories while keeping our children out of harm's reach. 

Remember, National Children's Day isn't just about one day—it's about nurturing, encouraging and connecting with our children every day of the year.

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